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Root'd Retail

Shop here for handmade Shea Butter, At-home Yoni Steam Blends and more!


Pick your natural way (or both) to relax, reset and feel well. Yoni Steaming is just for the ladies, but the Ionic Footbath is great for all.


Looking for a product with names you can pronounce?  Choose a home Yoni Steam Blend or creamy handmade Shea Butter today!


Yoni Steaming

Massage - Foot.jpg

Ionic Footbath

Yoni Steam Blends

Handmade Shea Butter

Refresh, Recharge and Rebalance your body with this relaxing service! Click the picture above to pick your session and request a booking.

Want a relaxing way to remove toxins from your body? Try this amazing service! Click the picture above to read more about Footbaths and request an appointment.

Did you know you can steam at home? Click the icon above to shop these handmade Yoni Steam Blends and bring the spa to your door!

Are you dealing with eczema, acne or consistently dry skin? Shea butter has moisturizing and healing benefits when used daily. Click the picture above to shop the shea butter collection.

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