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The Art of Sound Healing

Sound Healing is coming to Root'd Spa May 2023! While I continue to prepare my craft, please read more on why you should consider adding Sound to your wellness journey. I can't wait to work with you!


Have you ever thought of music as healing?

There's a reason why you pep up when your favorite song comes on the radio, or you attend that concert of your favorite artist.  Music is healing.


It can carry through the highs and lows, washing away pain, confusion, or giving you even more reasons to smile.


At Root'd Spa, we recognize the healing benefits of listening to the right types of music for your body's health. There are many instruments, including your voice that can send healing frequencies to your body and repair damaged DNA, body aches, and help you release emotional traumas.

SINGING BOWLS - Those beautiful brass and crystal bowls you've been seeing can actually help you heal pain, soothe anxiety and restore your body's natural rhythm.

TUNING FORKS - The vibrational ring of these aluminum instruments is subtle with huge results!

OCEAN DRUM - A beautiful man-made way to bring the ocean waves right into the room with you.


RAIN STICK - If the sound of rain instantly calms your body, this instrument is for you.

TINGSHA BELLS - These small bells can be great to set the atmosphere prior to a session and to gentle ease you out of your session.

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Recent Update, Jan 16, 2023:

Jennifer completed Level 1 of her Sound Healing Certification!  More information on session availability, coming soon!

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