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Healing Stones



Root'd Spa is here to help you get to the root of your wellness by bringing the Spa to you! Browse my site for handmade and hand-selected wellness products and jewelry that will help you feel grounded, focused and on the path towards healing.


Yes! Root'd Parties are officially available!

Gather your tribe and Root'd will bring the party to you! We want to help you heal your mind, body and spirit in the comfort of your own home, rental or workspace with those you feel positive vibrations from. 

Whether it's a girls' night in, a mix and mingle, or a business pop-up, our products and services fit right in! 


ROOT'D ROCKS - Stop and shop a setup of our beautiful handmade and hand-selected Jewelry.

ROOT'D MAKERS - Design your own piece of jewelry with Jenn!

ROOT'D AND WAIST'D - Get a set of customized waist beads designed while you party.

Ready to host your first party? Book by clicking here.

What's Happening


March is Women's History Month, and Root'd Spa is giving the women of our past, present and future their flowers!

I will share all things feminine, from wellness to humor, along with tips and retail from Root'd Spa on how to care for your divine selves!


Hello, Healers!  February is known to be the month of love, but most of that time is usually spent on loving everyone else.  While that's all good and wonderful, what do you do to love on you? 

This month, Root'd Spa is devoted to sharing Seeds of Self-care so that each of us can consciously take a moment for ourselves.

Stay tuned in for tips and retail centered around YOU so that you can spread the love to others!


I've been planning and working on beautiful things for you to wear and express your vibe! My seed bead collection is called "Stack'd" and is growing daily. Soon I will reveal new pieces in my shop!

In the meantime, I just had to share a preview of a seed bead ring design so you can get a sneak peek of what's to come!

Waist Beads, Please!

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Beaded Necklaces

Waist Beads go back a long way. In ancient Africa, Asia and India, beads across the belly and waist were worn for various reasons, from class status to spirituality.


Today, Western society has adopted this practice and people adorn their bodies with gemstone and glass beads mostly for fashion. But many are realizing waist beads can be used successfully for weight loss management and assisting in deeper meditation.


Root'd Spa handmakes waist beads and offers custom design choices that will allow you to intentionally craft a wearable piece of energy to help manifest your current goals. Browse the SHOP ALL tab to view available premade waist beads, or click below to request a FREE 15 minute Waist Bead Consultation!

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